Catering Omaha: The Superior Choice with Porky Butts BBQ

Feb 19, 2024 | News

Catering Omaha: The Superior Choice with Porky Butts BBQ

Who is the Mastermind Behind Porky Butts BBQ?

Meet Blane Hunter, also known as Mr. Porky Butts. His journey in BBQ began in South Texas during his childhood, assisting his father with tending fires and checking temperatures. Blane’s 27 years of experience, enriched by a culinary education from Johnson and Wales and FVTC culinary schools, led him to the professional BBQ competition in 2013, marking the start of an impressive career in the American BBQ circuit.

Now let’s learn more about how Porky Butts BBQ is changing the landscape of Catering in Omaha.

What Sets Porky Butts BBQ Apart?

The distinction of Porky Butts BBQ lies in the world-class expertise of Blane Hunter, a World Champion Pitmaster whose accolades speak volumes. His notable achievements include:

  • Being a celebrated winner of the prestigious American Royal.
  • Garnering over 85 top 10 finishes in various competitions, showcasing consistent excellence.
  • Achieving distinction as a Pro Member of the National BBQ League (NBBQL), an acknowledgment of his expertise and contribution to the BBQ community.
These accomplishments underline the exceptional quality and dedication that Blane Hunter brings to Porky Butts BBQ, setting it apart as a premier choice for catering in and around Omaha.

What Can I Expect From Porky Butts BBQ Catering?

Porky Butts BBQ offers an unparalleled catering experience. Our family-style buffet includes all the essentials for a perfect BBQ feast. We cater to all sizes of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations, and our offerings are adaptable for indoor and outdoor settings.

How Does Porky Butts BBQ Accommodate Special Dietary Needs?

We pride ourselves on being celiac-friendly, with all our smoked meats and many sides being gluten-free. We are also receptive to specific requests, such as appetizers before the main meal, to cater to various dietary requirements and preferences.

How Do I Order Catering From Porky Butts BBQ?

Ordering catering from us is simple and efficient. You can reach out through our website, call us, or send an email. Our process includes a detailed proposal to confirm all aspects of your event, ensuring everything is as per your requirements.

What’s New and Exciting on the Porky Butts BBQ Catering Menu?

We’re continuously enhancing our catering menu to offer more variety and options to our clients. Our recent considerations include adding cornbread and providing information about our venue rental, which is equipped with advanced AV technology, making it perfect for a range of events.

Who Makes Porky Butts BBQ Catering a Success?

Our team, from pitmasters to front-of-house staff, is the backbone of our catering service. We work together to ensure every event is successful and memorable. With the addition of team members like Shon, we’ve expanded our reach and capacity to cater to more events and areas.

meal from porky butts bbq with cornbread, beans, bbq, and more

What Size and Types of Events Does Porky Butts BBQ Cater To?

Porky Butts BBQ is well-equipped and experienced in catering to a wide range of events, regardless of their size. Whether you are hosting a small family gathering, a corporate event, or a large-scale celebration, our catering services are designed to accommodate your needs.

Small to Medium Gatherings

For intimate events such as family reunions, birthday parties, or small office gatherings, we offer a cozy and personalized catering experience. Our family-style buffet is perfect for groups as small as 20, ensuring everyone enjoys the authentic taste of our award-winning BBQ.

Large Scale Events

Porky Butts BBQ shines when it comes to large-scale events. We have catered to weddings, corporate events, sports banquets, and even grand celebrations like company milestones. Our largest event to date catered for Christensen Lumber’s 100th anniversary, serving an impressive 800 guests. We’ve also managed numerous corporate events for up to 500 people.

Weddings and Special Occasions

Our team takes special pride in catering for weddings and other significant life events. We offer personalized consultations with couples to ensure their wedding day is as flavorful as it is memorable. Our recent largest wedding in December catered for over 350 guests, receiving high praise from the bride’s father for our outstanding service and delicious food.

Corporate and Business Events

For corporate events, from casual office parties to formal business gatherings, we provide a professional and seamless catering service. We understand the importance of these events and ensure that our catering reflects the quality and professionalism of your organization.

School and Community Events

Porky Butts BBQ is also active in community catering, including high school sports banquets and other school-related events. We believe in giving back to the community and supporting local events with our exceptional catering services.

Customization for Every Event

Regardless of the event size, our catering team is adept at customizing our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. From menu selection to serving style, we ensure that every aspect of our catering is tailored to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

At Porky Butts BBQ, we understand that the size and nature of your event are as unique as the flavors we bring to the table. Our team is committed to providing exceptional catering services, making your event a savory success. Reach out to us for your next event, and let us bring the best of BBQ to you!

How Far Does Porky Butts BBQ Cater Beyond the Omaha Area?

Porky Butts BBQ is dedicated to bringing its award-winning BBQ to a wide range of locations, not just confined to Omaha. Our commitment to quality and service extends to various regions, ensuring that no matter where your event is, you can enjoy the authentic Porky Butts BBQ experience.

Catering Reach Beyond Omaha

While Omaha is our home base, our catering services reach well beyond the city limits. We regularly cater to events in surrounding areas and have expanded our services to cover a significant radius around Omaha.

Specific Locations and Distance

Our team has successfully catered events in cities such as Lincoln, Louisville, and Blair. These locations demonstrate our willingness to travel and bring our top-notch BBQ to your event, wherever it may be.

Mileage and Travel Considerations

For events located more than 20 miles one-way from our base, we do apply a mileage charge, calculated at the federal mileage rate. This ensures that we can maintain the quality and reliability of our services, even when traveling greater distances.

Advanced Notice for Distant Events

To ensure the highest quality of service and preparation, we recommend providing advanced notice for events that are further away from Omaha. This allows us to plan accordingly and ensure that every aspect of our catering meets our high standards and your expectations.

Expanding Our Reach

With the addition of a second van and the expansion of our team, including members like Shon, we are now more equipped than ever to cater to a wider area. This expansion allows us to take on more deliveries and cater to events further away, increasing our ability to serve you no matter where you are.

At Porky Butts BBQ, distance is no barrier to enjoying great BBQ. Our team is prepared and excited to bring our exceptional catering service to your event, whether it’s in Omaha or beyond. Contact us to discuss your event’s location, and let us take care of the rest, ensuring your event is filled with delicious BBQ and seamless service.

Why Should I Choose Porky Butts BBQ for My Event?

At Porky Butts BBQ in Omaha, we focus on creating a connection with our clients, ensuring their event is a success. We thrive on positive feedback about our seamless booking process and the outstanding quality of our food. Catering your event is not just a job for us; it’s our passion.

For a catering experience that combines world-class BBQ with exceptional service, choose Porky Butts BBQ for your next event. Reach out today and make your event a savory success!

Blane Hunter